We’ve prepared 4 top tips to help you show the person you love how much you really care, this valentines day…

1) Turn back the clocks

Not literally. Getting fired is likely to kill the mood. Remind your loved ones how romantic you where when you first met.

Grab a bunch of flowers, or her favourite chocolates, write a nice long message in his card, or wake them up with breakfast in bed… Or maybe a simple ‘lie in’ may keep your partner happy for the day.

2) On a budget

Saving for something this year? Living on a student salary? Or just tight AF?

The major supermarkets have the answer for you. Why not treat your lover to an all-inclusive meal. Check out M&S for their yearly valentines special

(Usually consisting of a shared starter, two mains, two deserts, a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine – All for the princely sum of £20)

3) Something that’ll last

Like us, do you like to buy one of those presents that’s made to last? Something that they’ll use all-year round? Or just something that’ll remind them of you every time they look at it?

Why not check out the wealth of great quality products you can find on the inter-web nowadays?

We might be a little biased, but we happen to think our premium wooden sunglasses and our stunning anchor bracelets, hit the spot for a great valentines treat they will really love!

4) Take it old school

Yeah to be fair the cinema does seem like an easy – I forgot to buy you a present – get out clause, but we like to think it can also be a classy date.

Why not take it a little more up-market? Head over to a Cinema De Lux and have a waiter bring an ice cold beverage to your love seat – mid show!


OK so there we have it, 4 great ways to celebrate that day of love in the fresh Orchrd way.

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